PhaRNA – Redefining mRNA Therapeutics

Since 2016, PhaRNA has been a trusted name in the synthetic RNA space, providing best-in-class, innovative synthetic RNA products to the scientific community and pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical organizations. The Company focuses on design and production of in vitro transcribed (IVT)-RNA constructs encoding for messenger RNA (mRNA), long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), and other RNA species of 150 nucleotides or longer. PhaRNA  established world’s largest catalog off-the-shelf synthetic mRNA (ready-to-be-delivered)  products ( and provides a broad range of one-stop shop services including customized Research Grade and GMP Grade synthetic mRNA production, making it an ideal solution for preclinical and clinical applications.

PhaRNA produces high-fidelity synthetic mRNA generated from an error-free sequence-verified pDNA template which introduced with codon optimized coding sequence (CDS) of the gene of interest, 5’ and 3’ stabilizing Untranslated Regions (UTRs), and builds in 157 residues poly-A track. Each synthetic mRNA is capped with enzymatically introduced translation-boosting Cap 1 structure, terminated with extra-long 157 residues constant poly-A tail, and synthesized as modified mRNA with 100% replacement of Uridine-5′-triphosphate (UTP) on chemically modified UTP analogs (5-Methoxy-UTP, N1-Methylpseudo-UTP) to ensure generation of the synthetic mRNA species with improved pharmacological parameters such as stability, translational efficiency, and toxicity.

“Our unique combination of empirical and in-silico platforms allowing generation of a cell specific synthetic mRNA prototypes encoding gene of interest is a game-changer in synthetic mRNA design and optimization field, which is the result of our team’s extensive scientific and industry experience and expertise in producing of IP protected synthetic mRNA drug products.” says Eduard Yakubov, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at PhaRNA.

“PhaRNA’s cutting-edge technologies, laboratory facilities, and scientists with extensive innovation histories have helped the company garner client success stories”, Yakubov states. In one instance, PhaRNA assisted a client in witnessing the release of synthetic mRNA encoding growth factor (HGF) from scaffolds in a temporally controlled fashion in vivo with extended translation of active HGF protein. When sutured to the ligated porcine femoral artery, such modified by synthetic HGF mRNA scaffolds enhanced vascular regeneration.

Moving ahead, PhaRNA aspires to continue its legacy as a leader in the synthetic mRNA field and expand its employee base with new talent. With its best-in-class material and human resources, the company intends sequentially advance synthetic mRNA-based drug research and serve the increased needs of scientific, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical companies.

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